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Gabriella rodney


Will my glasses fall off roller coaster

This weekend, my frined and i will go out and take roller coaster. Can i still wear my glasses on a roller coaster? Is it ok?
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  • Adam peters


    Yes. if you wearing eyeglasses when you play roller coaster, your it is likely to fall off your eyeglasses. You know, the speed of roller coaster is very quickly and the trail of roller coaster are not straight line. When it turn away, the quick speed is likely to make your eyeglasses fall off. So, take off your eyeglasses when you play roller coaster.
  • Sean


    It is very dangerous to wear the eyeglasses while playing the roller coaster. I suggest you to take off the eyeglasses before it starts. Or else, the fallen eyeglasses may hurt other people when playing the roller coaster. Usually the worker of the roller coaster will recommend you of this before the game.
  • Jordan smith


    Well, looks like you are going to have excitement with your friends this weekend right? So, as a matter of fact, roller coaster is quite dangerous and you gotta be cautious during the whole course. Indeed, it will turn around and around, upside downs, and make you dizzy, therefore, there is risk that your glasses might fall off. So, I recommend you take off yoru glasses when taking the coaster.
  • walkingwolf2004


    It isn't ok for you to wear glasses when you are on a roller coaster. When you are on a roller coaster, it is dangerous for you to wear glasses because the roller coaster move at a high speed and go up and down, which may make your glasses fall off or slide outside that you can't get them any longer or break into pieces. If you are high myopia, you shouldn't to play this game. As we all know roller coaster is one kind of intense exercises. When myopia involve in roller coaster, it will give great pressure to his eyeballs. It may lead to detached retinas at worst.
  • Hooen


    I am a coaster enthusiast who wears glasses all of the time, and without them I would be helpless. Just buy yourself a adjustable strap that fit onto your glasses and you will be fine. They have worked for me for years. You can find them at any supermarket.

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