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Nathan harris


Are progressive lenses better than bifocal glases?

What the difference between progressive lenses and bifocal lenses. progressive lenses are more expensive than bifocals. Does that mean that progressive lenses are better than bifocals.
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  • Aaron may


    Well, first, you should the difference between progressive lenses and bifocal lenses. As we know that by wearing bifocal lenses, it can achieve the most favorable balance between near vision and distant vision all in one convenient pair of glasses. So in other words, they are designed for someone who need both near and farsighted vision aids. On the other hand, progressive lenses are very different for they are multi-focal lenses. So that they are able to focus points from far to near. If you have progressive lenses, it is likely to have all the field of vision, such as distant, intermediate, or near things. But you should take some time to adjust to them. But in my opinion, progressive lenses are better then bifocal lenses. So maybe you can have a try.


    Personally, i prefer to choose progressive lenses. As long as you adjusted the lenses, you will feel just like, wearing one completely days. But if you wear bifocal contact lenses, you may feel image jumps when you change your focus from far distance to things around. So, i think progressive lenses are better.
  • Vivian


    Whether a thing is better is not depended on the price only. However, both the progressive lenses and bifocal lenses are good, just applying for different people. The big difference between these two types is that the progressive lenses own the different lenses with different prescription while the bifocal lenses just own the two parts for the near sighted and far sighted look. If you have both problems in looking at the near thing or the far away things, I suggest you to wear the progressive lenses instead of the bifocal lenses because it will let you adjust to the new looking environment gradually, with no dizzy symptom.


    Progressive lenses and bifocal lenses quite suit old people with presbyopia, because they need two kinds of eyeglasses for reading or far away. Both of the lenses meet the requirement. Through the top of the lens, you can clearly see objects in the distance, while through the bottom of the lens, you can see up-close objects. For appearance, the most obvious distinction of both lenses is that whether there is a distinct line on the lens. There is an obvious line on bifocal lens, which separates it into two parts. But for progressive lenses, there is not. For function, with bifocal lenses, you can only see near and far. But for progressive ones, in addition to that, you can see mid-distance, like computer work. For price, progressive lenses are more expensive than bifocal ones. Disregarding price, progressive lens is better than bifocal one from whatever the appearance or function view.

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