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Riley eddy


How can you tell if fendi sunglasses are real?

Since there are so many sunglasses are fake ones, how can i spot fake fendi sunglasses when I buy a pair of fendi sunglasses for my girlfriend?
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  • Derek T.


    Well, you should know that they are of good quality. To spot the fendi sunglasses, there are some tips you can follow. First, Most of their sunglasses come with a small oval shaped sticker on the lower side of the lens. Once in a while this sticker may not be present, especially in the case of second-hand Fendi sunglasses. Then, the inner temple arm should display a code, which includes: the length of the temple arm, where the sunglasses are produced. For example, this should only be MADE IN ITALY. And also, the name of the brand (CE Fendi) and the writing COLD INSERT, which refers to a chemical compound which reduces heat – this is something you see on other designer sunglasses, too.
  • Kimberly quick


    It is difficult to tell of fendi sunglasses become most of fake fendi sunglasses are look the same as real one. So, when you buy the sunglasses, you shall check if there is logo on the fendi sunglasses. Besides, you shall also feel and touch the sunglasses. Just evaluate if the sunglasses made of good quality materials. Fake fendi sunglasses usually made with inferior materials. Hope this help.
  • Makayla raphael


    Because th fendi sunglasses are high at the price, you'd better choose the authentic one. And the way to distinguish is easy. First of all, you may check the manual work by putting it on the table to see whether they are in balance which will be so important for your next comfortable wearing. Then, you may check the brand print whether it is marke smooth, with no flaw.
  • Brandon cook


    No matter what brand of famous and superior sunglasses, they all have the common characters. We can not give you the tip for the 100% assurance to define the real or fake of it, but we still have some points for you to choose the right one. Firstly, the best sunglasses have the great anti-ultraviolet function which would prevent the ultraviolet. Secondly, it will be very clear of the vision when you wear the real sunglasses, your eyes will be comfortable and relax. Thirdly, the real sunglasses will be strong and durable. There have no flaws and scratches on the surface of glasses. Ok, I believe your sight and taste. Follow your nose; it will be no issue to say the real from fake ones for your lovely girl!