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Is tomato good for dark circles under eyes?

I always have dark circles under my eyes , so i am looking for natural remedy to treat it? Is tomato good for reducing these annoying dark circles?
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  • Jason


    No, although the tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin C which may moisture our eyes, they can't eliminate the annoying dark circles. According to the dietician research test, eating 50 g to 100 g fresh tomato a day can satisfy the human body of several kinds of vitamin and mineral needs. Including malic acid citric acid and sugar, tomato contains rich nutrition, having the role of promoting bone growth, preventing and curing rickets eye xerosis nyctalopia and some skin disease effectively. However the dark circles around the eyes are caused by the not good blood circulation, lack of sleep and so on. You can through the good rest to reduce this symptom.
  • Connor nelson


    Yes, it could helpful for that. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and thinner than most other areas of the face. It has no oil glands and has a fine texture. Dark circle could develop at an early age, but it is more common in elder age. There are many natural remedies for treating dark circles. Tomato is also useful for treating it because it could light skin color. Hence, you should apply tomato juice around eyes and wash off with water after 15 minutes.
  • emkat_rodd


    Yes, tomato is good for reducing these annoying dark circles. Because tomato contains a lot of vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C, which is do good to our skin. But you have to pay attention to the following things: you can't eat tomato on an empty stomach; it is better for you to eat cooked tomatoes instead of raw tomatoes; you shouldn't eat tomatoes with green cucumber. What is more, for the sake of reducing dark circles, you can use tomato as face mask as well.