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Matthew baker


My boy is 13 years old with really bad eyesight. What can we do to help improve his eyesight?

My boy is 13 years old with really bad eyesight. What can we do to help improve his eyesight?
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  • walker_


    My brother damaged his eyesight by playing computer games from morning till night. He asked mum to buy a pair of computer glasses for him. My dad gave him a beat. From then on, he was not allowed to touch computers. We often take him to play in the outside. And ask him to do some eye exercise at the same time. Now his eyesight is much better.
  • elfenome


    Have you ever heard about Bates Method? Opticians always criticize this method. However, there are many people who have improved eyesight by using it. Meir Schneider, who was born with cataracts, opticians said he would always be blind, after practicing Bates method, now he can read, write and even drive. In 2007, he was honored by Israel, named as one of the %u201CTop Ten Most Inspirational Israelis%u201D worldwide. You can read his story here:
  • Barbara Mellon


    Well, you'd better find out what damaged his eyesight first. It is said that bad eyesight can be inherited. If his bad eyesight was caused by this kind of reason, then I can only suggest you to take him to have an eye exam and buy a pair of prescription glasses.
  • Nat


    Poor habitation of using eyes will lead to bad eyesight. If his situation was caused by this reason, you can tell him how to form a good habit in future. Besides, provide your boy with enough nutrients in every meal can help improve his eyesight. The development of our eyes will last for more than 10 years, so I think enough nutrients can help with the development of his eyes and improve his eyesight.
  • Nat


    Take your boy to see an eye doctor immediately. The doctor may find out what caused his bad eyesight and give you some appropriate suggestions. If he needs a pair of prescription glasses, you'd better buy a pair of prescription glasses for him. Besides, ask him to stay away from computers and TV. Maybe the green mountains and threes in the outside are better way to help him improve his eyesight. Good luck!
  • Rebecca


    There is good news that a number of recent studies suggest it may indeed be possible to at least control myopia by slowing its progression during childhood and among teenagers. Eye doctors can now offer you a lot of treatment that can slow the progression of the myopia. Currently, four types of treatment are showing promise for controlling myopia:
    Atropine eye drops
    Multifocal contact lenses
    Orthokeratology ("ortho-k")
    Multifocal eyeglasses
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