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Will I see more floaters as I age?

I am just 20 years old. I can see a few eye floaters in my vision. I want to know whether I will see more floaters in my vision as I age.
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  • Paige


    The eye floaters are the reflections of the dead cells on the surface of your eyeballs. If you often get dry eyes, you may get more eye floaters in your vision. But you can drink plenty of water or apply artificial tears to lubricate your eyes. Besides, you can eat more green leafy vegetables and vitamins to improve your eye health. Then the eye floaters will not increase that quickly.
  • Shelby


    The vitreous in our eyes changes as we age but this often happens after 50 years old. At that time, we may suffer from many eye problems. And eye floaters may increase at that time. But other kind of eye damages such as trauma or surgery can lead to the changes of vitreous and further lead to more eye floater and flashing light in our vision. If that happens, you may need to see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

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