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Why do you have redness in your eyes when teething?

There is always redness in my eyes when teething. Can you tell me what causes this? How to stop it?
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  • warren


    Sweetie, when I was getting new teeth, it really hurt. So I often cried in that period. I also had redness in my eyes. But it doesn't matter. The redness was caused by crying and it would go away on its own. But I suggest you to see a doctor. Sometimes if it was a wise tooth, you should have it removed. Good luck!
  • Makayla


    Maybe it was a wise tooth. When I had a wise tooth, it was very hurt. The pain caused red eyes because I cried every time when I felt the pain. You can have it checked by a dentist. If it was a wise tooth, the dentist will remove it for you. Then you won't feel the pain and won't have redness in your eyes.
  • evil_lanruoj


    The nerves of your teeth and your eyes can be interlinked. Any small kind of irritation to your eyes will lead to redness. It is common to have red eyes caused by painful teeth. What you can do is to have your teeth checked by a dentist. Maybe the dentist will prescribe some medicines to kill your pain.

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