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Where are karen walker sunglasses made?

Do you know something about karen walker sunglasses? If so, do you know in what country are theses sunglasses made. What do you think of these sunglasses. Are they worth the buy?
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  • elizabethandzoe


    The karen walker sunglasses are made in America. They are so popular in the sunglasses market. They own the fashionable appearance, durable quality and comfortable feeling. In a word, they are worthy to buy. If your financial condition is allowed, you can try to buy one and wear it when you are out.
  • Brandon cook


    Well,as a matter of fact, they are not made in the UK, nor in the United States of America, instead, they are made in New Zealand, off the east coast of Austrilia. Actually, they have got twenty years of experience in making quality sunglasses for people, especially girls and rebellious teens. Generally speaking, they are quite expensive to younsters for their pricing and quality. Personally, I think they are worth buying ,as long as you care for them, not for others' opinions.
  • Benjamin gary


    Karen Walker is an American fashion firm,they produce several kinds of fashion stuff,dress,jacks,pants ,suits ,and glasses and other ornaments.The founder is Karen Walker,a New Zealander who found her business in New York.But they just design and sell the goods, most of their goods are manufactured in some labor intensive countries like China,Indonesia,etc.It's quite normal because most of the luxury goods run their business this way. For Karen Walker sunglasses,I feel it 's worth buying on the condition of your understanding of their concept of being free and unique,you have to be affordable for them.