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What are trendy glasses for men in 2012?

Hi im looking to buy some trendy glasses for men but i dont know which glasses are in style right now. Are those black frame ones still in style?
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  • Alexandria


    Yes. black frame glasses are still in style for men in 2012. I see most men wearing black frame glasses and they look very cool with them. black frame glasses will be in style forever and they will never be out of fashion. classic glasses, like metal frame glasses and round frame glasses have been popular with men all the time. They are also the trendy glasses for men in 2012. Glasses that look good on you are the best choice for you.
  • ecxsrkes


    Now, the trends of fashion are diverse. You can choose the best suitable trendy sunglasses according to your temperaments. And black are always the classic color that popular among most of people. Besides, grey, brown color also are good choose for people who want to be cool in a classic style. Besides, if you dare to wear some Bright colored sunglasses like pink, It may create your a good and nice look.
  • Mike Smith


    These are sweet sunglasses that i bought the other day for only 18 dollars. They were just what i was looking for and very affordable.