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What are the best sunglasses for driving at night?

I'm not so keen on driving at night due to headlight glare and dazzle, and wondered if there are sunglasses I can use for driving at night to reduce these annoying glare.
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  • Andrea warren


    According to your requirement, you can buy night vision glasses or polarized sunglasses. Night vision glasses are specially made for using at night. They can give you comfortable and clear vision at night. And polarized sunglasses can filter glares aside from UV protection. With a pair of polarized sunglasses, they can reduce the annoying glare. So, both polarized sunglasses and night vision glasses are ideal choices for driving at night.
  • Falcon


    Some drivers would choose to wear polarized sunglasses to avoid glare when they drive at night. But I don't think polarized sunglasses are suitable for driving at night because sunglasses can dim the light and affect the vision at night. The best glasses for driving at night is the regular glasses with anti glare coating on them.
  • eminentpraise


    The polarized sunglasses with dark color won't work well for driving at night because they are too dark at night and you will find it hard to see clealy at night with that kind of sunglasses on. The better sunglasses for driving at night is canary yellow sunglasses with an anti reflection coating on them which can not only improve night vision but also reduce the glare that is reflected from the street lights and the coming car.

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