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What is the difference between sunglasses for men and women?

I know many sunglasses tend to be unisex, but is there a big difference between sunglasses for men and women so that I can distinguish them easily?
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  • Austin


    The sunglasses for men and women are the same in essence. They are just different in looks. Most men prefer to cool sunglasses that can enhance their masculine temperament and make them look handsome. While women, they pursuit colorful and flowery sunglasses that can make them look nice, elegant, charming, sexy and mysterious. And unisex sunglasses are fit for men and women and enhance their looks.
  • charles


    It is quite difficult to tell if sunglasses are for men or women by simply style or color. But colors like green, bright white, pink and blue are all much more common in women's sunglasses. Women's sunglasses tend to have more designs on them, with things like leopard print, polka dots and other eye-catching, unconventional patterns. Men's sunglasses don't usually have these things, although there are exceptions to this rule.
  • Michael?griffin


    The biggest difference is the frame size because men have a different face structure and completely different from women. Usually sunglasses for men have smaller frames than that for women. In recent years most women prefer wearing oversized sunglasses. Another difference between sunglasses for men and women is the design. Women's sunglasses have more designs than men's and women's sunglasses usually have more decorations on them.