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Soft contacts vs hard contacts,which is better?

I am going to get some contacts and I heard that hard contacts can improve your vision by a little. I need to wear them mostly the whole day. So which one is better for me?
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  • Linda


    Hard contacts can give you much better vision than soft contacts. While soft contacts are flexible and allow oxygen to penetrate the lens, so people will find comfortable to wear them. I think you should talk to an eye doctor because you may need a specific one depending upon your vision problem.
  • Aaron may


    That depends on personal preference. Some people think soft contacts are more comfortable to wear and they can get used to them easily. While hard contacts are usually difficult to get used to. So many people prefer wearing soft contacts. However, other people think hard contacts can provide them clearer vision without distortion and soft contacts would cost them too much, so they prefer wearing hard contacts.
  • clive


    The advantage of soft contact lenses is comfort. The function of more powerful to lock water can make you feel comfortable in long-term wearing, therefore, it fit to many people. The advantages of hard contact lenses is oxygen permeability, because eyes need to rely on oxygen and water to have metabolism, so an adequate supply of oxygen is the basic element to keep eyes healthy. The lenses of hard contact is forming good, it can use for a long time and also easier to maintenance. You can choose the suitable contact according to your own situation.