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Jack percy


How to look cool with nerd glasses?

My glasses are kinda too simple and old fasion. I am planning on getting those trendy nerd glasses. How to look cool with nerd glasses?
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  • classiccarguy89


    Whether you will look cool with nerd glasses depending on how they look on you. So you'd better go to any local optical store or some vintage stores to pick different pairs of nerd glasses and try them on to see whether they will look good on you. I don't like nerd glasses with big size which do look ugly. You can try some with medium size. If they do look cool on you, then you can get them.
  • walkingaround


    The features of nerd glasses that distinct from other stylish eyeglasses is their simple and classic style. Now, such simple style nerd glasses are old fashion. If you want to make up yourself in a leisure style, a unique T-shirt and individual jeans with a pair of black and simple nerd glasses will make you look young and full of vigorous. If you want to look cool, you can wear some classic clothes with the glasses.