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How to clean my polarized sunglasses? Can I use soap water to clean it?

I bought a pair of polarized sunglasses and wanted to know if there was a special way to clean them? Can I use soap water to clean it?
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  • Elijah leslie


    Yes, Of courses, Although polarized sunglasses are different from common sunglasses or glasses in functional, it is the same in manner of keeping the sunglasses. You can clean it with trap water or soap water and dry it with glasses cloth. Remember not put the sunglasses in places with high temperature. And please not hang the sunglasses in your necklines or wear it on your head.


    First, get a cleaning cloth that is suitable for polarized glasses from your optometrist. Do not use strong chemical solutions to clean your polarized sunglasses, or it will damage the polarized sunglasses. Use the cleaning cloth to rub the polarized lenses under warm water to wash away th emarks, smudges, etc. Do not use soap water to clean them unless your doctor allow you to do that.

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