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How to clean water spots off sunglasses?

There are water spots on my sunglasses. How can i clean these water spots from my sunglasses without scratching it? Any way?
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  • Victor


    If there are water spots on your sunglasses, you can wash it in clean water, If it doesn't work, you can use some mild soap water to wash your sunglasses lenses. Just rinse your sunglasses lenses in the soap water for a while and use the sunglasses clean clothes to wipe it out. Hope this work for your sunglasses. Good luck.
  • cmg6891


    Well, for your situation, I suggest you should use commercial lens cleaners. As we know that commercial lens cleaners are a good option for cleaning eyeglass lenses because they are designed to gently clean the lenses without damaging special lens coatings. You can just spray lens cleaner directly on the lenses and wipe with a clean micro fiber cloth. By the way, commercial lens cleaner can be purchased at the optometrist's office or stores.
  • erickie6


    It would be washed by clean water. It’s simple to clean the sunglass, washing it with clean water after wearing. Then softly wipe the water which remain in the glasses, put it in a ventilated place to blow dry. If there’s some oil or other spots stain attached in the lenses, apply a little drop of liquid soap and use water to wash after it, which will be ok to get rid of it. But please pay attention that the dry cloth can not use to rub the surface of lenses to prevent from scratch and the increasing of blur area. Make sure the glasses are put in the shade and cool place other than under the blazing sun for quite a long time for the sake of deformation possibility. The resin lenses of sunglasses are not so durable, so the method of water washing is better than cloth rubbing. Thus the lenses would be clean and the scratching will be effectively avoided.
  • walkingtragd


    If your sunglasses was stained with water spot, you just need to turn the faucet on, get the water warm not hot, hold your glasses by the earpieces and run them under the warm water for about twenty seconds per lens. Do this for the front and back of both. After you clean your glasses, you’ll want to dry them before putting them on your face. There are several ways to do this. The gentlest way is to simply give them a couple little shakes over the sink, set them on a clean cotton towel, and allow them to air dry. If you’re the impatient type, set them on a towel and use a blow dryer set on the lowest temperature possible. If you have really hard water and don’t want to risk water spots on the lenses, use a soft cotton towel or a lens cleaning cloth, hold the glasses by the frames, and gently wipe them down.
  • califractal


    You may use the little amount of cleaning agent to wash the water spots on the sunglasses. If you get the oil splash on the lenses of sunglasses, you can also use this way. Then use the water to wash the lenses and use the clean cloth to dry the lenses. It is so easy.

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