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Katelyn smith


Can a sinus infection cause watery eyes?

I suffer a watery eyes and sometimes my eyes are watering. I wonder if a sinus infection can cause watery eyes?
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  • cheesykittycat


    Well, it is true that sinus infection can be able to give rise to some problems like headaches. But, there are rare cases that sinus infection can lead to watering eyes. I mean, perhaps there are also some other problems happening to you in the meantime. Maybe you should go to see a doctor and find out the cause after all. Typically, watering eyes are resulted from conjunctiva infection or tired eyes.
  • Kyle kirk


    Yeah, if you get the sinus infection, your eyes may become watery because the interlinked throat, nose and eye nerves. In addition, the immune system you get will decrease which cause the function of tear gland system to go in disorder. And the sinus infection also has other influence on eyes. The snuffle may cause eye blood circulation to be jammed and appear black rim of the eye. What's worse, it may also cause eye pain, a headache and diplopia and so on. I suggest you to go to the hospital and accept the treatment of sinus infection.
  • Dawn C.


    It might be. You know, human eyes and nose is communicative. Tear gland secretes tears much more often than we think and generates lot of tears. But we did not cry that much even there are so many tears. That is because parts of tears flows into nasal tube and go other organs in body. If you have a sinus infection, your nasal tube will be obstructed and tears can not get through, so that it will cumulate in your eyes and your eyes will be watery. That is why when people cry there are tears.
  • Zoe Wang


    Absolutely yes, there is no doubt. You should know that a sinus infection can just give rise to a lot of problems. But to be honest, in most cases, watery eyes are usually caused by some other factors such as conjunctiva infection. If it is convenient for you, I think you had better go to a professional eye doctor so that you can solve your problem as soon as possible.
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