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Cassidy bell


How to massage eyes to reduce dark circles?

I heard that massage can reduce dark circles. So, can you tell me how to massage eyes to help me get rid of dark circles?
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  • Vanessa


    Ok, suffering from your dark circles might greatly affect your looks and your confident. Anyway, it might be resulted from a wide variety of reasons, such as a lack of sleep, a lack of vitamins, or other diseases. So, you should know that conventional massage would do nothing about them, here I would like to recommend some tips for you. You could try to get some essential oils to put on your eyes, then rub them softly for sometime, that would be a nice massage. Also, try to get various vitamins and make sure you get proper rest. Lemon juice would be very effective, be advised.
  • edward


    Well, yes, you can just massage your eyes to reduce your dark circles. For example, you can sit up straight and close your eyes. And then just relax for a minute or two. While opening your eyes wide, lift your eyebrows up as high as you possibly can. You should hold this position for a count of two seconds. Also, relax for two seconds and repeat. By the way, massaging your ears can help make your face glow, which can reduce the appearance of dark eye circles. So you can have a try. Also, you can drink more lemon juice, olive oil which can be good for your eyes. Also, there are many other factors that can cause dark circles under eyes, such as the allergy and alcohol, lack of sleep. So just pay more attention to it.
  • Jocelyn


    Yes, the massage can reduce your dark circles because of the increasing blood circulation. You could just do the massage in the clockwise direction. Then you will find the warmth around the eyes skin. Your surrounding blood circulation will be quicken at the speed. Thus your dark circles under the eyes reduce a lot. You could do the massage to make your eyes feel comfortable.

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