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Carlos rodney


How to improve my night vision naturally?

I noticed that my vision is more serious at night than it were in day. So, Can you tell me how to improve my night vision naturally?
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  • chained_destiny


    Well, generally speaking, you should know that the rods in the eye are responsible for vision under very dim levels of illumination. To improve your night vision, there are many ways you can a try. For example, the most simple way to improve night vision is don't use any artificial lights and let your eyes acclimatize with the dusk. Also, if you have to travel along roads with car headlights, meet someone shining a head torch straight in your face or have to pass houses with security lights, shut one eye to avoid losing your night vision in both eyes. in that way, it can be effective too.
  • commentsforme


    Hello, if you can not see very clearly at night you first need to make sure that the glasses you wear is clean, as any dirt and debris on the lenses can scatter light, making it difficult to see at night. Second, eat some food that is good for improving your night vision. I can introduce you two of them. First, drink carrot juice, as carrots are extraordinarily effective in helping improving night vision. Second, bilberry juice may be one of the most famous herbal remedies helping people to see better at night. So, just have a try, good luck!
  • Isabel fergus


    Many people have the similar problem like you. Their vision at night is worse than that in the daytime. You could eat the food with vitamin A to improve your night vision. It will work so much. You could have a try. You should protect the eyes during the daytime by not sitting in front of the computers for a long time. Then your night vision will improve indirectly.