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How to be popular when you have glasses?

I am farsighted. I need my prescription eyeglasses for vision aids. But the dull and stupid eyeglasses make me look like a nerd. Can you give me some idea? How to be popular when I wear my glasses?
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  • Luis lewis


    Ok, since you got farsightedness, which would make you have some trouble for near vision work. Anyway, it is true that some glasses look stupid, but indeed there are some glasses available that would be awesome and give you good looks, so I would like to recommend black glasses and nerd glasses to you, you could find almost anything you might figure out over Amazon, where options are numberless and the prices are affordable. Now take a look at them.
  • come__tomorrow


    Sometimes wearing the eyeglasses will look nerd and not that good. However, it is not convenient to wear, especially in the cold days. You could match the clothing with your eyeglasses. Or you wear the big frame glasses which will be so popular this year. Or else, you could also wear the contact lenses which will also make you see things clearly.
  • eclipseracer01


    Hello, actually it is not difficult for you to be popular with eyeglasses. Sometimes you will look better and cooler if you choose the right eyeglasses. I can introduce you several ways to approach that. First, you must choose the one that fit your face shape. Second, take your hair style into consideration, some glasses will match your hair very well. Third, the glasses also need to fit your characteristics, you make sure what is yours. Fourth, always keep your glasses clean.