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Katelyn smith


Why does alex perry always wear sunglasses on his head?

I noticed that alex perry likes to wear sunglasses. Why? Do you think he is charming with sunglasses?
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  • Natas MacGregor


    cos he's a douche?
  • b3autiful_s0ul


    Alex perry, who is one of those most amazing fashion designers in the world, who also tries to release some fashion shows. Anyway, he would like to wear different kinds of sunglasses from time to time, in order to make himself more mysterious and make himself stand out from the crowd, sometimes those celebrities try to be special from other people. Anyway, I think she is compatible with those awesome sunglasses, which could bring a lot of charm to her.
  • Robert


    I didn't notice if he always wear sunglasses. But just right now, i make a deep search about him. It seems that he not always wear sunglasses. But in the most of time, we can see him wear a pair of black sunglasses on his head. And i also noticed that it seems cooler when he wear sunglasses on his head. Maybe this is the reason why he like sunglasses.
  • Robert Lipman


    As we know, the sunglasses are always used to protect the eyes from the uv rays and other bad lights. However, the sunglasses are just regarded as the accessories which will improve your look to some degree. That is why alex perry often wears the sunglasses. She is wearing the sunglasses on the head just for the look which will make her look so charming at the whole look.