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Can raw food diet change our eye color?

Will take raw food as diet will change our eye color? Why or why not?
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  • Ariana


    Actually, your hypothesis is not correct. Because as you can see, the color of our pupils depends on our DNA, which means that they cannot be changed in a natural way. Of course, colored lenses are not the case. Taking raw food or being on a raw diet, will not change the color, since that is not able to change your DNA. So, if you wanna be on a raw diet, you can feel free to do that. On the other hand, if you wanna change your eye color, that way is not going to work. Hope you find it useful.
  • andrew


    Usually the eye color is born to be which is mainly depended on the genetic endowment. Thus, by the way of taking raw food can not change the eye color easily. However, the lack of the Cu element in the body may cause the eyes become green. Or the infection from the bacteriums may cause the eyes get pink. But all these color change are caused by the disease.
  • leigh sehr


    Not really. As a side effect, raw food diets might improve circulation to flush out bad toxins from the body and in turn reform the pigments in the eyes. Such effects may cause people to experience a surprising change in their vision as well as their eye color. According to "Living and Raw Foods," the iris can change its pigment by the body regenerating new cells, but the topic is still being researched and needs more tested clinical studies to back up such claims.

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