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Are there glasses for driving at night?

I am looking for eyeglasses for driving at night. Are there glasses for driving at night? What type of eyeglasses can do that?
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  • Erin


    Actually, it is dangerous to driving at night, especially when there is no enough light. You should pay more attention to all the situations. For your situation, I will recommend you the glasses which are equipped with an anti-reflective coating on each side of the lens. So they can transmit more light in the dark driving. For this kind of glasses, through transmitting more light they will help to enhance your vision at night. Besides, there is also particular coating that will lower the reflection from car headlights. Also, you can just wash your windshield clean so that it will give a clear vision. Anyway, just do what you can to avoid the accident.
  • Robert Johnson


    You'd better wear the professional driving eyeglasses which may protect your eyes from the strong lights, ride side lights or glare lights. You can take the SAN Marco driving special eyeglasses into consideration which has been proved by the nation quality authentication. It has several special roles that will make the drivers be safe and comfortable when driving at night. It has the six main roles of preventing mist, protecting dazzle eyes, nocturnal driving, anti mirror from water, mist shock and intelligent color changing. You can put the relax on using this type of special eyeglasses when driving at night.
  • carter


    As we all know, many drivers can not driver well due to the fact that there are so many lights coming in every direction while driving, such as the headlights, taillights, lit up advertisements, which will make your late night driving a tough job. If you want to get rod of the problem, you can have a try with the anti-glare eyeglasses. Do you know that the special eyeglasses are with the Polycarbonate Double Sided Anti-reflective Coating, which will help you not have blurred vision? Then you can drive well, and of course, you are safe enough. Apart from the anti-glare eyeglasses, you can also wear the yellow tinted glasses that have the save function as the anti-glare eyeglasses. The theory of the yellow tinted glasses is based on the physiology of the eye of people and how the rods, black and white receptors in the retina, work in the dark.
  • yuan yuan


    Some people have something called night myopia. For night driving they have glasses with more negative lenses than their daytime ones. Ask your optician about lenses with an anti reflective coating

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