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William clive


What is the average age to get cataracts?

It seems cataracts often occurs to older people. So, Can you tell me at what age is people may get cataracts? What is the average age to get cataracts?
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  • emiliaenespanol


    Yes, cataracts often occur among the older people. The average age of people who are prone to getting cataracts is about 65. Thus people growing older should pay attention to the eyes protection. They need to keep the healthy diet every day. In addition, they need to have the good rest for the eyes. Protecting the eyes carefully will make them have less possibility to get cataracts.
  • Adam


    Cataract has two broad categories that are congenital and acquired. The most common form is senile cataract. Cataracts are primarily occurs in middle-aged and elderly people aged over 50. Though 70 percent cataracts are senile patients, but now many newborns as well as young people are more and more likely to suffer from cataracts. In addition, computer family and people who wear contact lenses long time are increasing susceptibility to traumatic cataract.
  • fergus


    Cataracts can happen to anyone when they reach certain ages. This is the same as getting grey hair when you are getting old. The average age to get cataract is 68-70 years old. This can be even earlier or later. Some people get cataracts in their 50, while the others have this disease in their late 70. After all, the age of getting cataracts usually cannot be earlier than 40, and it is impossible for a person over 80 to be free from cataracts. However, the average age of getting cataracts varies from country to country. The situation in America may be different from that in Britain. You need not be afraid of it, for surgery can be used to cure the disease.