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Why do your eyes roll back when you close them?

My eyes roll back when i close it. Why? Is this normal? What causes it?
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  • Mike


    Yes, this is normal. That's because our eye muscles which controls the movement of our eyeballs relax when we close our eyes. Our eyeballs go upward naturally in complete relaxation. Actually this phenomenon is named Bell's phenomenon. When we are asleep or close our eyes, our eye muscles relax and our eyeballs go a bit upward and out. What’s more, our eyeballs flutter around when we are sleeping and dreaming. Therefore, you can't be better and more normal. Don't worry.
  • fergus


    It may not be normal. You should check whether your eyes get infection because of invisible bacterium. Once you get the infection at the eyes, you may have such problems. If you have such problems, you should better not wear the contact lenses. You should use the eye drops to moisture the eyes and make eyes to be healthy by getting rid of the bacterium.

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