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Benjamin gary


Are colored light bulbs bad for your eyes?

Can colored light bulbs cause damages to the eyes? If i have to stay in such condition, how can i protect my eyes?
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  • Johane


    Colored light bulbs can cause much harm to the eyes by damaging the visual function and disturbing the function of cerebral nerves. The colorful lights will do harm to the retina and the iris of the eyes, and cause the sharp decrease in your vision, and sometimes even lead to cataracts. Therefore, you had better stay away the colorful lights as possible as you can. If you have to stay in such kind of conditions, you had better wear a pair of safety goggles against the radiation. And remember to do as much as you can eye acupoint massage to reduce the conditions of dry eyes, eye congestion and so on. In addition, you can also apply some eye drops to your eyes,while be careful not to use too much in case of becoming too dependent on the eye drops, because the human body is an intelligent system which can self-repair. Besides, pay attention to your personal eye hygiene, for example, wash your hands each time before you have to touch your eyes, do not use your fingers to touch your eyeballs, do not wear eye contacts or cosmetic contact lenses for too long a time. And if possible, you had better put potted plants in the corners of the place to help clean the air and reduce the eye fatigue.
  • charger101


    Yes, colored lights bulbs will cause damages to the eyes because of the stimulation at the eyes. If you have to stay in such conditions, you are suggested to wear the sunglasses which will protect your eyes from the colorful shining stimulation. Your eyes will not get tired easily. You'd better not stay in such environment for a long time.
  • elderoo


    You may hear a new word "light pollution" in recent years. But do you know all kinds of colorful lights are one of the sources of it? Although the color lights would strongly stimulate the senses, it stimulus to sick cells at the same time, and affects the central nervous system. Long time in that light can cause headaches, blindness, the feeling of instability and loss of appetite. Moreover, scientific research shows that colorful lights also cause psychological pressure, and different colors have different degree of psychological pressure.