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Should i go to practice with pink eye?

I feel so bad because i got pink eyes. But i am going to take a exam for driving license. Shall i go to practice right now? Or i have to stay at home and wait for recovery of my pink eyes?
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  • characterposter


    In the face of such situation, i strongly suggest that you should accept the treatment. Of course, the exam for driving license is important, but your health is more important than anything. what's more, you may bring unnecessary trouble to others if you get pink eyes with the highly infection. All in all, i think that you are expected to stay at home for recovery.
  • Danielle lewis


    It is very bad for you to get pink eyes. You should not go to take a exam for driving license because the pink eyes will be contagious in the public places. It is transmitted through contact often through contact with secretions, from patients with eye or the touched tears objects, such as towel, handkerchief, wash, basin water and so on. In the medical way, the pinkeye acute catarrhal conjunctivitis is the main route of transmission. You'd better stay at home until its recovery. Epidemic hemorrhagic conjunctivitis is an outbreak of severe acute conjunctivitis which is commonly known as the pink eye, It is developed in summer and fall because the bacterium is moving actively at that time. The disease-causing pathogens for enterovirus type 70 infectivity disease is characterized by which cause irritation, conjunctival hyperemia and edema, height before merger subconjunctival hemorrhage, corneal damage and ear swollen lymph glands. You should treat it carefully with the home remedies, like warm compress and eye drops.
  • Brooke


    Well, I suggest that you postpone your driving license test, because you are physically uncomfortable, and your pink eyes make your eyes really bad. Most importantly, you would easily transmit your pink eyes to other people during the test, any contact would be dangerous. Just take good rest and consult a doctor before you go for your test. That would be much better.

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