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Randa Fritch


Who should get polycarbonate lenses ?

I read online that there is a type of excellent lenses for glasses called polycarbonate. Is there anyone who used it? Is it really good? Who shall use it?
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  • Debbie Morton


    Yes, it has several advantages over ordinary resin lens. 1. It is anti-ultraviolet. Nearly 100% ultraviolet can be shielded. It also won't change color, while resin lens tend to turn yellow overtime. 2.It is the lightest material for optical lens. It is 30% lighter than resin lens and 50% lighter than glass lens. 3.Polycarbonate is famous for being tough and unbreakable. It is often used as bullet-proof glass. 4.Polycarbonate lens has a high index, so it is much thinner than resin lens and glass lens. Therefore, this material is a good choice for people who often stay outdoors or who need ultraviolet proof. As it is thinner, it is often used for heavy prescription.
  • chocolateeeee


    Actually anyone who wants to wear the eyeglasses could wear the glasses with polycarbonate lenses. It is good because of the durable material which could make you wear for many years. In addition, you could find that the eyeglasses with polycarbonate lenses are light because of this material. If you are the one with high prescription, you could use this type of the eyeglasses.
  • fergus


    Polycarbonate is a versatile and tough plastic material, commonly and popularly used as manufacture material for from bulletproof windows to compact discs. Now it is used to make lenses too for its light weight and damage proof. Lens of polycarbonate is more durable and thinner so it is a wonderful choice for sports eye wear. So it is very suitable for athletes, children, industrial workers and monocular patients, whose glasses might easily get damaged, such as scratching. But normally speaking, polycarbonate lens is more expensive than other material. I suggest you to shop on line, which could offer you a better price with the same quality.
  • Victor Lee


    Polycarbonate lens material is lightweight and thin, making it cosmetically appealing to many people. These lenses are especially recommended for the following people:

    Children: Since polycarbonate lenses are shatter-proof, a child's eyes won't be damaged by shards of flying glass or plastic if the glasses are hit hard by a ball or a bat.

    Monocular patients: People who only have one eye or who have decreased vision or blindness in one eye -- called monocular vision -- should wear a polycarbonate lens. Because monocular patients are using only one eye for vision, it is imperative that they do everything they can to protect their best-seeing eye.

    Industrial workers: People involved in occupations that have a high risk of injury must take extra precautions to protect their eyes.

    Athletes: Those participating in high-impact sports should regularly wear safety lenses to protect their eyes from injury.