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Makayla raphael


How long should i stay home from work with pink eye?

I was diagnosed with pink eyes. And my doctor suggest me stay at home. But it is so boring to stay at home for the whole day. How long shall stay at home? I mean, when i can go back to work?
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  • cristti


    Pink eyes is used to describe a condition medically known as conjunctivitis. The leading cause of a red eye is virus infection, and it occurs in any age, luckily, pink eyes do not cause any changes in vision. Usually, it is not serious and goes away in 7 to 10 days without medical treatment. If the pink eyes are caused by virus, you could go back to work when it begin to improve in three to five days. One point must be pay attention, it is important to prevent the spread of virus, you could take an antiviral medicine to improve this condition. If the pink eyes are caused by bacteria, you could return to work after twenty four hours if you feel good. You could also go to see a ophthalmologist, they will give you some prescription antibiotic treatment to cure the pink eyes. Just keep happy mood to overcome it in short time. Hope you will be discover as soon as possible to go back to your work.
  • Trinity


    I'm sorry to hear that you have gotten pink eyes.As far as i know it will take fifteen to twenty days to cure pink eyes.during the time,you'd better not go out barbecues others may be infected by your pink eyes.And i advise you keep a good diet.Drinking to excess should be avoided meagre food is most suitable.Besides.Don't stop receiving treatment and stick at it if you want to success.Finally.After the symptoms disappeared completely still need to continue treatment for a week.Then. You can go to work in a good mood.
  • cocreative


    You should stay at home until your pink eyes are treated. Or else, you may easily let other people get this eye disease because of its contagious character. If you keep on the good diet which will be healthy for your eyes and have the good rest for the eyes, you will let the pink eyes disappear for about a week. However you'd better stay at home for about two weeks for the full recovery of the eyes. Then you could go back to work again.