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Zachary garcia


What is wrong with my eye if it is red?

My eyes appear red. But i had enough sleep. I just can't understand what wrong with my eyes?
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  • Jordan owen


    If your eyes get red, there are many maybe reasons. Your eyes may get stimulation from the coming bacterium which is invisible because of the bad environment. Your red eyes may be also caused by the lots of use of eyes in front of the computers. Or the eyes get allergic because of food or other things. You need to have the good rest for the eyes to release the redness. In addition, the eye drops are necessary.
  • Isabelle garcia


    If your eyes are red, it is probably caused by the eye hemorrhage or conjunctiva congestion. First, you need to decide which kind of illness you’ve got. If your eyes get red strips or formless red spots and the color is very fresh and bright, you may get the illness of the eye hemorrhage. The reasons for it may be injury of the eyes, severe cough, constipated or rubbing your eyes forcibly. Conjunctiva congestion is usually caused by the inflammation. At the same time, your eyelids will be red and you will feel your eyes are swollen and hurt. According to your description, I think the possibility of the eye hemorrhage is bigger. To cure it, you need to keep your eyes clean. Do not use your eyes too hard and use eye drops properly.
  • Carlos


    All right, looks like there is something wrong with your eyes. Generally speaking, red eyes is one of the most commonly seen problems we might get, because it is a sign of health problems with our eyes. Red eyes may not be resulted from a lack of sleep, sometimes, disordered life and drinking, alcohol, stuff like that, would lead to red eyes, playing too much games would also make that happen. Thus, you gotta take care of your eyes by focusing on your health in every facet!