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how long does it take to get glasses from pearle vision?

I have ordered a pair of eyeglasses at pearle vision. How long will i actually get the glasses. Is there anyone who has buy eyeglasses there? Please give me an idea.
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  • Andrew bell


    I have just ordered the eyeglasses from Walmart which is also a good place as Pearle vision. And I get the eyeglasses after three days from the day I ordered it. If you want to know when you can get the eyeglasses, you may call the serice departent of pearle vision and he will tell you the exact date.
  • Justin williams


    I have bought a pair of regular eyeglasses from pearle vision last year. It was about a week i got the eyeglasses. But the eyeglasses seems great. Now, i still wear the glasses. But their customer services told me that the time that need for making eyeglasses is different from different prescription lenses. So, You'd better contact their worker. They will told you how long you need to wait.