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Why does howard stern always wear sunglasses?

I noticed that howard stern often wears sunglasses. I just can't understand why. Why do so many people prefer sunglasses? Do you think wearing sunglasses is really cool?
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  • cdale


    Ok, i can see that you just want to know why the man, howard stern , who is a famous American celebrity, always wears sunglasses during his show in public. Anyway, you should know those famous personages just want to appear more attractive and mysterious, and some of them are really ugly so sunglasses could cover their weakness. Also, wearing sunglasses on a regular basis might just be an individual habit, so it is quite normal. Of course some awesome sunglasses could make them cool.
  • Jen


    I also noticed that howard stern wears the sunglasses too. I think it is just for the cool looks. As we know, the sunglasses are always used to protect the eyes from the uv rays and other bad lights. Actually more and more people now tend to wear the sunglasses just for the cool looks. They regard it as the fashionable accessories.
  • Pissoff Firm


    Just because the firm here is hijacking the internet, the fucking pricks.
  • lil


    He could possibly have eye problems and need them to keep glare out of his eyes.
  • Cozmos001


    Stars are photoed constantly. The camera flashes can get annoying. That's why i, i mean howard wears them.
  • ZyklonBen


    because he is an interdimensional reptilian/demon and his eyes dont look like ours so he has to hide them