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Kimberly quick


Can old contacts cause red eyes ?

Is it possible to cause red eyes after wearing old contact lenses? If so, how to treat it?
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  • ea4ever2end


    Yes, it is possible for you to cause the red eyes after wearing the old contact lenses because of the expired role of the water content. You should not wear it again and change the new one. You could just use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable. You could even use some eye drops to release your symptom.
  • walki


    When it comes to contact lenses, I must say that old contacts even can cause red eyes. I asked a doctor about red eyes and he told me that the most common factor is infection, especially further infection after injury. Old contact lenses often uses some poor materials and technologies which are easy to offer a good settle place for virus and bacterizes. Meanwhile poor store drops also reduce contact lenses life because of virus. So red eyes can be caused by old contacts easily. By the way, is a hot site that can hep you learn more about eye health and body health. Warm Tips: do not rub or scratch your eyes when you have red eyes; no using of any eye creams. Good luck and may you recover soon.
  • Zoe may


    Well, from what you said, I can see that you still care about your eye health. So, it is true that old contact lenses are filled with bacterium and they are likely to generate some trauma to your eyes, making your eyes red, even bleed. And if you carelessly got some red eyes because of them, you need to see a professional doctor and receive some emergent surgeries and treatment.