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Why are my eyes puffy after a massage?

I just took a massage, now my eyes appear puffy. Why? How to treat it?
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  • claudiagonza82


    Eh, I just heard that massage could help puffy eyes. As we all known , bags under eyes and puffy eyes are owning to a build up of fluid around the eyes and they usually say hello to you in the morning. Massage often help people relax after a long time work and it can stimulate blood circles which can build a healthy and balance inner system. I think it is not massage that caused your puffy eyes, may be because of your tired work or eye problems. My friend told me that massage really does work on tired muscles and tired nerves. If one has puffy eyes after massage, the individual had better visit a doctor to get some advice. By the way, some home remedies to help puffy eyes. Firstly, the most healthy way is to eat some fresh fruits, which contains rich vitamins; secondly, massage the cream or oil around the eye area using your fingertips can reduce your puffiness.
  • Samuel hill


    After you do the massage, your eyes may get infection during the process. Or your eye nerves or eye pressure is affected during the process. You should use the warm compress to make your eyes feel better. You should also not drink or smoke which may stimulate your eye nerves. You'd better have the good habit of life which could help you treat it as soon as possible.
  • gerard


    Well, generally speaking, for the puffy eyes, there are many causes which can lead to it. For example, stress, allergy, lack of sleep, hormonal fluctuation, high sodium levels, emotional crying can be the most common causes. But on the other hand, facial massage can lead to puffy eyes. So just be careful when you have facial puffy eyes. To treat it, you can have some vegetables and fruits which are rich in vitamins. And vitamins can be good for puffy eyes treatments. Also, just have cold compresses on your eyes.
  • lara


  • OctaLogo


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