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Can old contacts cause eye infections ?

Can i wear my old contact lenses temporarily? Is it possible to lead to eye infection?
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  • Riley eddy


    No, you could not wear the old contact lenses temporary which will possible to lead to eye infection. As we know, the contact lenses have their own expired time. Once they get the expired time, they will lose the function of water content. You could find that your eyes may get red because of wearing the old contact lenses. This direct eyeball lenses will make you get the eye infection because of the touching invisible bacterium. You'd better not wear the old contact lenses any more which will be so dangerous for the corneal in the eyes. If you have worn it, you'd better use some eye drops to make your eyes keep moisture and get rid of the bacterium in the eyes.
  • Paul Hathone


    Lol, I think you should know the answers before asking this question here. Because you know if we can often wear old contacts, there is no need for the experts to design the contacts only for one months, three months or six months. We should know that different kinds of contacts have different material, especially the contacts those can be used for long tine, including the one year. If you always wear the old contacts, your eyes are likely to get infection, because some chemical attached the lenses will release some harmful items into our eyes, then the eyes will get infection. Apart from eye infection, the eyes are also easily get the dry eyes if you wear the old contacts, especially when you wear them again and again. All in all, you should remember that there are every reason that you can not wear the old contacts.
  • hill


    Well, looks like you are just worry about your eye health and are afraid of the danger contacts might exert on your eyes. Anyway, old contact lenses are quite dangerous because of its quality and hyugene problems. So, you must throw them away without hesitation. Of course, bad quality contact lenses give rise to a lot of consumer complaints and infections. So you really have to keep an eye on your health.

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