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Brooke peters


Why i get blurred vision in one eye after massage?

I suffer blurred vision in one eyes after massage. Is this normal? why?
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  • Joshua?arnold


    You may at first have the eyes infection which you don't notice. After the massage, the invisible bacterium in your eyes moves actively. That is why you get the blurred vision at one eye. You could use some eye drops to release the eyes. In order to get the clear vision, you'd better have the good rest for the eyes.
  • Caroline bell


    Your situation is a little different from me. I also often got blurred vision after massage. I usually get one about two weeks. But for me, Both of my eyes got blurred vision. But it doesn't matter. After a while, it will regain clear vision. I never get blurred vision in one eye. Anyway, it seems not a big problem. Just stand up, move your body, take a drink and get a rest for a while. You may also recover from one eye blurred vision. Hope this can help you.
  • chocolate_cute


    Well, if you do not have any basic eye problems, this condition is okay. After massage, your blood vessels and cells may be tired like doing some exercise. And some unwell will accompany. However, seconds later you will be okay because your cells and blood vessels begin to work normally and smoothly. Blurry vision always caused by glaucoma, cataracts, allergies and some side effects of heart medicines.A corneal ucler causes pain, discomfort, and, in some cases, blurry vision. So a short blurry vision is okay because it is usually due to fatigue and stress. While, a long time blurry vision must take some measures to control it and see a doctor to determine the treatment option. Good luck!

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