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If I have a degree of myopia and astigmatism,do I need to wear glasses / lens?

I actually do not have this degree, but want to know is to get away to the club, walk in the street, and wear glasses only for reading.
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  • 04/14/2012

    The need for glasses varies greatly from one person to another and does not have much to do with the degree, ok? Often a person who has a degree feels much the lack of glasses than one which is 2.5.
  • Nicholas campbell


    Sweetie, you'd better wear a pair of glasses no matter what kind of problems you may have. Glasses are designed to help with vision problems. They are very useful. You may get eye strain or tiredness if you don't wear a pair of glasses while you have vision problems.
  • Matthew harris


    You may need to wear a pair of prescription glasses if you have any kind of vision problems. But now you don't have any vision problems, so you don't need to wear glasses. But you still need to protect your eyes in daily lives. You can provide your eyes with enough nutrients through meals. Some people will decorate themselves with glasses frames. This isn't harmful to their eyes. If people only wear glasses when they need to read, they may have presmyopia which is a kind of vision problem that often happens among senior citizens because they can't see things in a nearby distance clearly. As to those who have myopia, they can't see things in the distance clearly so they need to wear glasses all the day.

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