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Are the multifocal contacts a good choice to alleviate wearing glasses at all?

????? I wear reading glasses over contacts so I only have to wear glasses part of the time
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  • 04/13/2012

    I haven’t worn contacts for a long time because my eyes get infected when I first wore the contacts.From then on,I wouldn’t wear the contacts again.So I have never tried the multifocal contacts and din’t know whether they are good or not.
  • tuener


    I can't get what's your point. Now that you wearing contacts, why wear reading glasses over it? And you also mention multifocal contacts, do you have suffers more than one vision problems? If so, why not choose bifocal or progressive glasses? They can solve your vision problems at one pair of lenses. Before that, i suggest you take an detail eye exam first so as to know what's your eye prescription. No matter you buy contacts or glasses, your current prescription are very important.
  • Alexandra


    Many senior citizens will put on and take off reading glasses from time to time because they only need them when they want to read or write. They can see the things in the distance clearly. While most of us will spend a lot of time view things in the distance other than reading or writing except computer workers or writers. So I think put on and take off reading glasses from time to time is very common and it will not cause any damages to your eyes. But it is really a little inconvenient. I think a pair of contacts can't help solve your problems at this time.
  • chrisss_129


    Can't follow you. Well, I suggest you to have your eyes checked immediately. Usually we won't need to wear reading glasses after putting on a pair of contacts especially when they are a pair of prescription contacts. If you mean you can't see things in the distance and at near distance clearly. You can buy a pair of multifocal glasses or multifocal contacts (if there is this kind of contacts).
  • emily_xoox


    There are multifocal contacts. You can buy them in any big eyeglasses stores or optical shops. Many old people choose to wear this kind of contacts. You don't need to bring several pairs of glasses with you anymore. It is very convenient because they work the same as a pair of multifocal glasses and you won't need to put on and take off them from time to time.