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To undergo surgery for myopia is such a good thing as what is written below?

here is what I have read: For the correction of myopia by excimer laser surface (PKR), the stabilization is complete in 12 months. If myopia had a complete correction of the two eyes presbyopia that is ie wearing glasses for reading arises usually around age 45 as in most people without myopia. Therefore, it is often preferable to perform a total correction of myopia on a look and leave some on the second myopia in people close to forty thereby delay or prevent presbyopia, while maintaining a good distance vision.
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  • 04/12/2012

    Hi! Yes it can cause, cuz your eyes are in need of correction and without correction, they try to "force" the best possible focus to see objects. So it is better to upgrade your glasses.
  • 04/13/2012

    I Have operated and am thirties now: the time when I made ??the step ( 10 years ago), the question was "can I live without glasses?" or "would I presbite?" Anyway, today I do not regret the operation and spent 10 years without glasses daily. If later I need to do like everyone else and wear reading glasses, I am going without pb. for your interrogation, you should have a talk with your ophthalmologist, the shared experiences are not those of others .... and then for my mother and I were talking about big myopia (more than 5.5 diopters of correction)
  • Makayla


    I have a friend who had myopia. She had lasik eye surgery 3 years ago. There isn't any side effect. She is just 23 years old. Not all people can have lasik eye surgery. You must be a good candidate for lasik eye surgery then the doctors will apply that kind of surgery.
  • walking_poeticx


    Lasik eye surgery can cure many vision problems. But first you must to prove that you are a good candidate for lasik eye surgery. Some people only need to have a surgery while some may need an enhancement surgery if they can't get perfect vision after first surgery.
  • Kyle kirk


    There are many risks as other kind of surgeries often has. I know little about PKR. presbyopia often happens among people who is beyond 40 years old. These people can see things in the distance clearly but they can't see things at nearby clearly. They need a pair of reading glasses. But there are some people who cant see things at nearby and in the distance clearly, they need multifocal glasses. lasik eye surgery can help with these vision problems as long as they are good candidates for lasik eye surgery. But as to PKR, you'd better ask your eye doctor for more details.
  • walkingwolf2004


    There are many risks to undergone a surgery. So I suggest you to consult your eye doctor first before decide to have this kind of surgery. Some articles only provide reader with one side of the surgery. If you want to know them clearly, you'd better read articles on Wikipedia or all about vision. Usually these websites will give detailed information.

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