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Jocelyn david


Why do eye floaters increase with age?

I heard that the eye floaters will increase as we get old. Is that true? Why?
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  • carolynx66


    Floaters are tiny specks that can be seen in your eye vision, especially when you look at a light and pure color area, such as white wall. Eye floaters can be caused by various reasons, aging is one of it. Due to the vitreous humour pulls slightly away from the retina and degenerates with advancing years. The separation of vitreous humour from the retina can cause small shreds of jelly to break off and form more floaters. Eventually, the brain can become accustomed to the floaters and may decide not to inform you of their presence. In most situations, eye floaters are normal and harmless. However, a sudden increase in the number of floaters could indicate damage to eyes to cause serious eye disorders.
  • Jean


    Yes, it is reasonable. With your age going on, your body's inner excretion system may not as good as before. The water in your body may become less. Your eye floaters may increase because of the dryness of the eyes which can caused by your lots amount of work before the computers.
  • eddy


    Yes it is true that the eye floaters will increase as our ages are getting old. It is because of the vitreous liquid that your eyeball will lose slightly as you're getting old. And it is said that you are supposed to lose 5 percent of the vitreous liquid of your eyeball each year when you are after 65 years old. And the separation of vitreous liquid from the retina would lead to the break of small shreds and form more floaters. This is why you may see such harmless black-dot ?oaters dancing in your vision. And you are suggested to visit your eye doctor if there is any change or increase in floaters in your vision since it may be a sign of a serious retinal problem.