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Can you reuse daily contact lenses?

What would happen if you reuse daily contact lenses?
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  • Thomas oliver


    No. I won't reuse daily contact lenses. Contact lenses should be used within the expiration. Once they are out of date, the lens solution have no ability to clean the lenses and kill the bacteria. So if you reuse daily contact lenses, the lenses you wear can develop bacteria easily, which can make you get eye infection, cloudy or blurry vision, conjuntivitus and severe dry eyes. Hence it is not good to use daily contact lenses.
  • Trinity


    No, i never wear daily contact lenses. I usually choose contact lenses that are able to wear three months. I think daily contact lenses are really waste of money. I don't have so much money on it. But personally, you shall not reuse daily contact lenses. Or it may get your eyes infection even cause red eyes. I still remember that i worn my overdue contact lenses that make my eyes suffers a lot.
  • cruelladeville0


    Do not do that. The daily contact lens is used for one day. Though it is convenient for you to wear Due to it touches with your eyes directly. It would be cause contracting conjunctivitis lead to read and watery eyes. And it can be used one day, so there is no clear function. If you reuse the unclean daily contact lens, your eyes would be lacked of oxygen and feel uncomfortable, even the eyesight would be influenced.
  • Blanche Rooney


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