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How to protect your eyes from wind in windy spring season?

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  • Catherine


    As we enter into the windy season of spring, it's important to protect your eyes. Not only can debris blow into your eye, but the air moving across the surface can cause dry eyes. Doctors say try not to rub your eyes if they are dry and irritated because it can scratch the cornea. Instead, use over-the-counter artificial tears, a gel drop or a lubricating ointment. Moreover, you also can wear a pair of sunglasses which can also protect your eyes from wind.
  • Jada


    You can wear sunglasses, preferably the kind that wrap around your face. This will help against both UV light and wind.Moreover, because the spring wind will make your eyes dry, it is better for you to prepare artificial tears or mild lubricating eye drops. I would love to. If you get dry eyes in spring season, you are recommended to apply warm compresses at night or when you wake up to help with tear secretion. Hope this helpful.