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Why oversized sunglasses are so fashionable?

I have seen many people wear oversized sunglasses,how did they become so fashionable?
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  • Ana evelyn


    oversized sunglasses are becoming more and more popular these days. Not only because they are designed with fashionable styles but also because they are functional. They are popular especially among stars to conceal their bloodshot and dark ringed eyes whenever they are without make up. Stars are always the lead of fashion, so oversized sunglasses are now chased by the people.
  • jill


    Oversized sunglasses are not only a trend that people are seeking for, but also these sunglasses can give wearers safety, reputation and confidence. Oversized sunglasses cover more places around eyes, so they can protect the wearers from excessive UV rays, wind, sand.People will feel safe to wear them.
  • Isabel cook


    I think oversized sunglasses were first used by some celebrities to cover the dark circles and bloodshot eyes,then it was imitated by the fans as a fashion.You know anything that's celebrities is wearing seems to become popular among the mass.
  • Samuel rodney


    They really looks on people and can give full protection to your eyes in the outside.