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Can people with farsightedness wear contact lens?

If yes, how do they manage to put them in as they can't see ?
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  • Luis williams


    Sure.People with farsightedness may find difficult putting the contact lenses in. However, they can use a concave make up mirrors that can magnify your eye to put them in. They can also use glasses to help them put contact lenses in. Before they start to wear contacts, they may wear glasses first to find the contact lenses and place them on the top of the index finger.Then they can take off the glasses and put contact lenses in. People can discern the position of the finger even if they are farsighted.
  • kathy


    Yes, they can use it. Contacts for farsighted people are hard to put in and take out, it needs time to get used to it. They can use concave make up mirrors that can magnify your eye while you put it in.