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What are advantages of clip on sunglasses?

Can you say the advantages of clip on sunglasses over prescription sunglasses
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  • christian


    "The primary advantage of clip on sunglasses is the inexpensive price compared to prescription sunglasses.The magnetic clip-ons can be attached directly to the rim of the existing prescription glasses. They are hardly slipped off and are convenient to put on. You can also take up or down the clip-ons whenever you want. So they are very handy for the sportsman or anyone in an area where the intensity of light fluctuates. "
  • Andrew bell


    "Compared with prescription sunglasses, clip on sunglasses are less expensive.clip on sunglasses are especially suitable for those people who move frequently between indoors and outdoors. According to your needs, you can flip them up or down and don't have to take them off. So it is more convenient than prescription sunglasses."
  • Zoe


    Clip on sunglasses are very convenient and suitable for every people. The clip on sunglasses are made with two layers of lenses. If you take off the out layer of lenses, the sunglasses will appear like a pair of regular eyeglasses for vision aids. If you stay in the sun, you can take on the outside layer of lenses, it will make your eyeglasses to a pair of "prescription sunglasses" immediately. And the out side lenses are not only block UV rays, but also filter glares so as to protect your eyes.
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