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Kelsey McNew


Is there any difference between disposable daily contact lenses and bi-weekly contact lenses?

Is the procedure how they are made different?
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  • b0rn2bxcrazii


    The procedures of disposable daily contact lenses and different with bi-weekly contact lenses. Daily contacts are thinner and easily teared and they donot have to sit in contact lens solution loaded with preservatives that are very harmful for your eyes. But you can protect your eyes safe by using daily contact lenses to avoid bacteria growth and other eye diseases, it help to build up protein in your eyes.
  • elen_t


    As their name imply, disposable daily contact lenses are made for a daily use. Once you wear it for a day, you can throw them away and wear another new pair. In fact, this is the best way to maintain sanitary eye care each day. But bi-weekly contact lenses can be used for two weeks. But during the two weeks, you need to take them off each night before you go to bed and wear it each morning if you need it. What's more, you are required to wash the lenses each night after you take them off from eyes.