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How to find out a lost contact lens in my eye?

I can feel it is there for more than a week but I can't see it.Is it even possible or am I imagining that?
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  • Holly


    If you find the contact lens lost in your eye, you may feel uncomfortable.In this case, you can add rewetting drops to your eye and then close your eye and use your hand to massage your eyelid gently. The lens will move to a position that you can see it.At last you can remove it easily. If this doesn't work,you should go to your doctor for help.
  • Jessica


    Don't be afraid of that, your eyes can reject to any foreign bodies. You can use sterile rewetting drops every 5 minutes blink your eyes a lot. The contact lenses can move out generally speaking. But if it is not useful, go to your doctor and they can take it out for you.

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