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Do contact lenses really make eyes look bigger?

I have seen many girl's eyes are bigger than they actually are
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  • Jen


    It seems that you are going to make your eyes appear to be bigger. Well, generally speaking, there are no natural ways to make that come true, and ordinary contact lenses would not neither. However, currently, there are some colored contact lenses that would make your eyes look bigger and more colorful. That is called circle contact lenses, you could get a lot of them at nearly every optical stores, but I recommend Walmart, because they offer better prices.
  • walkn0nsunshine


    Yes, the eyes will look bigger when wearing the contact lenses from the visual side. The contact lenses will make your eyes look spiritual, shining and big. That is why a lot of girls tend to wear the contact lenses to make them look beautiful at the whole look. They are attractive at the eyes. The contact lenses are regarded as the important makeup accessories for girls now.
  • Melanie smith


    Prescription contact lenses do not make the pupil of the eyes look bogger. However, circle contacts lenses with no prescription on it can. And now it is becoming a trend of fashion among women, because by wearing them, their eyes appear large and childlike in appearance.