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Can men wear vintage cat eye sunglasses?

I saw many women wearing cat eye sunglasses. And the cat eye sunglasses make them look very sexy. I just wonder if men can wear vintage cat eye sunglasses.
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  • carl


    Of course, men can also wear the vintage cat eye sunglasses which are not only accepted by women. Yeah, the vintage cat eye sunglasses are very popular since its appearance. Wearing them, you will look so fashionable and sexy. Even the men can't resist its charming attraction. That is why a lot of men start to wear this pair of sexy sunglasses.
  • Dylan duncan


    Cat eye sunglasses is for every fashion one, which is very popular this year. With it, the lady's face can be soften and becomes smaller, while the man can be more polite and cool. Cat eye sunglasses push us back to 1950s. The naughty arc shape looks very beautiful and attractive. However, this style is very hard to match with face. If your face shape is perfect, go and try!
  • everybody_cares


    OK, you just want to wear cat eye sunglasses right? But you are not sure if it is appropriete for a man to wear them right? So, what I gotta tell you is that, everyone has his own taste and preference, sometimes people are just too concerned about other people's eyes, and for me, this is absolutely unnecessary. Yes, for me, they are sexy, sure, it also depends on your vibe. If you are still suspect, you should just go into a store and try them on. Perhaps they are perfect with you!