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Angelica garcia


How to treat bothersome eye floaters?

Several months ago, I found there were something flying in front of my eyes every morning when i woke up, just like some mosquitoes. And these are very bothersome. I wonder if this can be treated?
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  • elizabethandzoe


    Although the eye floaters are quite bothersome ,they are absolutely nothing to worry about. Most people can experience it especially in the morning . But they do have a negative impact on the daily life such as driving , reading and using the computer. There is no medical way to cure them , the most effective way is to ignore them !Just think that they're not as bad as you think and just stop dwelling on them. Also time is the best treatment .Most people don't notice floaters as often because the brain learns to filter out the visual interference with time going on . You should start to worry them if the number of floaters increase and are accompanied by any loss of vision , this could be an early sign of retinal detachment.
  • Christina


    In fact, eye floater itself are harmless. They are come and go, maybe several days, or even a month. And Usually eye floaters often occurs to people who have myopia. So, you needn't care about it. However, if you find the eye floaters increase quickly in a short time, it maybe some a sign of some serious eye problems, you'd better see a doctor?