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Kelly edward


What is the best way to treat dry eye?

My eyes aere very scratchy, stinging and burning these days. I've googled it and I think I've got dry eye. Does anyone know how to treat it effectively?
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  • enternalhate


    Dry eye is caused by the disorder of the tear film. The common way to treat dry eye is to use artificial teardrops. But they may not work well for those people who have persistent dry eye. Now the prescription eye drop Restasis has been approved to treat the chronic dry eye. Your eyes will increase the tear production by using Restasis persistently. If your tears drain out through a duct in your lower eyelid, you need to see your doctor, and your eye doctor can place temporary or permanent plugs in these ducts, and then the tear can stay longer in your eye. At last the dry eye symptoms will be relieved.
  • walkingalone00


    If you really suffer dry eyes, you can use some eye drops to release it when i feel scratchy. Besides, drinking more water everyday. In addition, if you spend lot of time on computer screen, you can prepare a cut of water on your desk which can increase the humidity in air around you so as to make your eyes less dry. But according to your description, you may not just suffer dry eyes. You may get eye infection or pink eyes which can also cause such feelings like scratchy, stinging and burning in the eyes. So, you'd better see a doctor first.